"Heritage" Coop

"Heritage" Coop
100% recycled wood. Crazy Cool. One of a kind masterpiece!

"Heritage" Coop

"Heritage" Coop
It's finally done!! A one of a kind artistic coop for you to enjoy. No 2 ever the same.

"Coop d'etat"

"Coop d'etat"
The green PVC roof lightened the load so the kids could lift the roof easily. Many roofing choices are available. Some have an extra charge. Most do not.

"Coop d'etat"

"Coop d'etat"
A great look at the hinged roof.

"Salt Box"

"Salt Box"
Roof and hinges are on! Finally finished.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Heritage Coops Are Here!

Finally found enough time to make a Heritage Coop! Pictures don't do this new one justice! It is positively adorable! The concept behind Heritage coops are that each one is made of reclaimed barnwood with many years of use left in it. So you not only get the unique look of barnwood, you're doing something good for the world by not wasting valuable, servicable resources - reclaimed barnwood.
Since no barn is exactly alike, and each barn uses a different amount of wood, each coop will be a one-of-a-kind artistic creation. Kind of like the Pablo Picasso of chicken coops. If you want a fairy tale-like coop, a treaured object that will delight your children, family, and chickens for years to come, the Heritage coop would be the natural choice.
Pricing will vary on a per-coop basis, and like all art, the price depends on the available materials and the amount of work that goes into pieceing the coops together. The Heritage coop pictured is priced at $500. The coops to follow may be bigger, may be smaller, but will be one of a kind, and priced accordingly. We look forward to making more Heritage style coops and hope you will enjoy the pictures and concepts behind these fun, unique creations!

PS - Yes, they are still SUPER STURDY!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming soon to SUPERCOOPS! - The Heritage Collection. Old lumber has a new life! Eco-friendly, 100% recycled, 100% still strong and servicable wood. In other words, when we get some old barnwood, we'll make a coop! The Heritage coops will be made on a materials-available basis, so each coop will be a one of a kind treasure for years to come. Pictures will be posted soon, so keep checking back!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, we finally got the roofs on the "Salt Box" coops and completed 2 more "Coop d'etat's". These are the best selling coops so far. It's great to see that people are looking for good size flocks for their yards. I haev posted pictures of the lastest coops as well as a drawing of a variation of the "Salt Box" that is a little larger for 8-12 hens. Thanks for your continued support!

Jerry and Stephanie

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ark Coop Description and Price

This "Ark" style coop comes complete with "chicken penthouse" on the top and an enclosed 4'x4' run on the bottom. The run has a hinged side that can be lifted to really let the chickens run wild! A detachable run for even more safe pecking space is available for an additional price. As you can see from the other pictures of this style coop, the side easily removes for egg collection and coop clean up. We think this coop is an exceptional value, fitting 4-6 hens for only $200! Similar arks run a minimum of $500! And that does not include shipping! Why not pick up your own locally-made coop that's sturdier than anything you will find in a pet store and avoid those outrageous shipping prices.
Another option for the Ark style coop is a 4'x6' coop with two nest boxes for $250. It will fit up to 8 hens nicely.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to Super Coops!

Hello and thank you for visiting wejustlovechickens, the blog spot for Super Coops! affordable and stylish chicken coops for the backyard chicken farmer. Due to the big response on craigs list for these coops built in East Idaho, we are starting this blog to hopefully answer more of your questions on styles and pricing. We are currently estimating coop prices will be between $100-500 dollars on our designs, we can also build coops to your design and specifications, price is according to job. Have a great day and thanks for joining the chicken revolution!